Hafeez Zainal


He is a researcher at INITIATE.MY, joining out of passion on seeing a more peaceful Malaysia. He and his team managed to conduct a preliminary monitoring of TikTok posts surrounding the 15th general election. Having his own first-hand experiences in being part of Islamic Movement back then, he believed that the organisation could play a vital role in advocating moderation in nation-building. Hafeez is an alumnus of International Islamic University Malaysia, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Education in 2022. During his year of studies, he was a student activist who founded an organisation called The Good Society, a youth movement that promotes grassroots empowerment and sustainability. Since then, he has managed to train over 100+ new student leaders and activists. Outside INITIATE.MY, he worked as a Change Analyst for an oil and gas company in the tech division. Hafeez aspires to build and empower a new generation of progressive Muslims that can advocate for more moderate Islam. Hafeez enjoys watching movies or playing video games for leisure, enthralled by the storylines and philosophy within.