Akwa Mahzan


He is a researcher at INITIATE.MY. He is responsible for conducting research on cases of tension and conflict that are motivated by religious hatred and racism in Malaysia. He has experience as a program officer in human capital development and education sectors. His areas of specialisation are governance, public policy and economics. Akwa is currently doing a PhD in Economics at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). His research topic focuses on household indebtedness and economic development in Malaysia.  His interest in the prevention of violence extremism (PVE) and human rights motivates him to spread community awareness about moderation and celebration of different beliefs for the progression of the country. In general, Akwa is now responsible for research on new cases happening in Malaysia (2022) and ensuring the database is easy for the public to understand what is happening in Malaysia. He also led his research team for new data collection and monitoring media for information verification.