Webinar Summary No 6. Year 2023 ‘The Challenges and Needs of Former Security Detainees (FSD) & Their Affected Family Members’

In Malaysia, the reintegration programme with former prisoners in general is facilitated mainly by state actors, the government and enforcement authorities. However, there is a lack of resources given to the efforts to reintegrate FSDs and their affected family members back into the society.

Last year, INITIATE.MY organised a series of consultations and interviews with about 50 participants from FSDs and their family members themselves, government agencies, enforcement authorities, lawyers, academicians, civil society organisations, to find out more about the challenges and needs of FSDs and their affected family members in the reintegration programme.

Our findings show that because of the criminal record from the past security offences, they are facing difficulties in rejoining the society. This includes access to proper legal representation, employment opportunities, mental health services and meaningful participation on community activities.