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Trauma-informed Approach in Countering Violent Extremism

Trauma-informed Approach in Countering Violent Extremism

Among the many pathways to violent extremism, trauma is a key factor in personal and collective violence in radicalisation studies. Trauma refers to an event or series of events that causes a person to be overwhelmed by a perceived threat, and the deep patterns of emotional distress that may result for the person. Over time, trauma alters brain structures and chemicals. It causes maladaptive responses to emotion, cognition, social interaction and behaviour. The risk for hostility, anger moderation difficulties and distrust also rises.

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Policy Brief Launch & Webinar on NAPPCVE: Empowering The Role of Civil Society Organisations

  [Closed Webinar] Background:  The mandate to develop the National Action Plan on Prevention and Counter Violent Extremism (NAPPCVE) is derived from the United Nations General Assembly 70/674 in 2015 to address the changing threats of violent extremism. Many countries have come up with their own action plans, among them Indonesia (2020-2024) and Kenya (2020-2024)....